Our crest

Our school crest was developed by the College Development Committee and School Board .

The colours of the Jarjum College crest are based on those of the Aboriginal flag, emphasising the school’s connection with local Aboriginal people.

The inner layer consists of a Christian cross surmounted across the letters ‘IHS’, a Greek abbreviation of Jesus Christ. This is the monogram of the society of Jesuits, on whose philosophy the school is founded.

The middle circle of the crest incorporates a sunburst, representing the staff’s belief in their students’ hopes and dreams. This is encircled by a second outer crest, representing the wider community to which Jarjum College belongs.

Underneath the main crest is a boomerang symbol enclosing the school motto, ‘Gili’, meaning ‘to shine’ in the Gadigal language. The boomerang is symbolic of the fact that our students will always be welcome to return to Jarjum, and that they will always belong.ort: