Our School

Mission statement

Redfern Jarjum College’s mission is to educate, empower and support urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and provide expert guidance to alleviate their educational, social, emotional, behavioural and health disadvantages. We prioritise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and partnership.

In partnership with their community, the growth of children in the school will be intensive and holistic. With a low student-to-teacher ratio, care of the individual will be at the heart of the school. Jarjum will provide a culturally attuned and locally-responsive approach to meet each child’s individual needs through social, physical, spiritual, academic and emotional engagement with the child.

Redfern Jarjum College will focus on the educational foundations of literacy and numeracy, along with building each child’s self-concept and self-worth. The College will provide transport, clothing and meals, and will support students’ access to key health services. A key feature will be community development with parents and carers through opportunities to participate in school activities and community gatherings.