Pastoral care


Redfern Jarjum College seeks to foster a respectful, accepting atmosphere in all aspects of school life. We endeavour to develop techniques to motivate and encourage respectful behaviour as our approach emphasises three (3) key Values: RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and RELATIONSHIPS. These values occur at personal, school and community levels.

Redfern Jarjum College aims to create a welcoming environment in which the students feel safe and progress in all aspects of their development, learning self-control and gaining social skills. Staff will promote positive behaviour, respect and tolerance throughout the school. RJC is to be a community in which behaviour is modelled on Christian and Aboriginal values. The dignity of all people should be promoted by an attitude of respect and consideration for others. Healthy relationships are built with significant role models which enables personal growth, builds character and encourages achievement.

Redfern Jarjum College seeks to create an environment that maximises learning and minims disruption. The uniqueness of each child is cherished. We seek to ensure the safety and personal wellbeing of all children. Our goal is to guide our students to a state of internal and external freedom to be integrated human beings, to be competent and compassionate. Our goals in and outside of the classroom promote self-esteem and self-respect. Students are counselled for personal and behavioural difficulties. Children will meet in a gathering circle each morning to share administrative and pastoral areas.

Gayl Hardaker
Gayl Hardaker Pastoral Care and Volunteer Coordinator
Gayl Hardaker is the Pastoral Care and Volunteer Coordinator for Redfern Jarjum College – Gayl’s positive and caring dedication to the children and staff is a fundamental building block to Redfern Jarjum College’s success and capacity to give support when and where it’s needed daily.
Gayl is responsible for the preparation and delivery of our famous school menu including the infamous Community Lunch – a weekly affair of fine food for our students, staff, families, friends and community members.
As a fundamental part of school life Redfern Jarjum College supplies Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon tea to all students as well as supplementing family’s food needs when required.
Gayl coordinates our wonderful team of Kitchen Volunteers who are inspired and dedicated and whom we rely on, week in and week out, to keep turning up with joy and generosity of spirit in their hearts for our students and families.