Literacy and numeracy

Each morning literacy and numeracy is the essential focus of learning at Jarjum, as teachers target each child and work at their individual ability level, engaging with the curriculum to achieve specific outcomes that lead to further learning. Each child is supported by a teacher, teaching assistant or volunteer.

Specific outcomes are targeted and reinforced through different activities and approaches – for example, some of the children work through the multi-lit program. The programs are differentiated to include students’ current level of understanding and ability in relation to a particular topic or skill, prior learning experiences, learning styles and preferences, motivation and engagement with learning interests and talents.

In their study of English, student explore a range of experiences and achievements of Aboriginal peoples in historical and social contexts, and the links between cultural expression, language and spirituality.

Integrated units

While culture is integrated into every aspect of the curriculum, the integrated units have a particularly strong emphasis on students’ culture, country and place. Integrated units give the children an opportunity each week to work at their cognitive level rather than just their academic skill level, as most children are below in their academic level because of a lack of engagement at school, not because of a lack of cognitive ability.

The afternoon program focuses on these units, which can be class specific or in small groups.

Personal projects

Personal projects are initiated by the children and can cover the necessary outcomes through a range of media, for example, computers and iPads. This is also an opportunity for teachers to work one on one with children developing relationships and an understanding of the child.

Culture – wood burning

Gardening with Heather