Teaching & Learning

A unique approach to learning

A high-quality education is the foundation upon which future life opportunities are built. At Jarjum, the educational program is designed to strengthen students’ foundational literacy and numeracy skills so that they can become confident and active learners. Learning experiences are designed with a focus on engagement, recognising students’ strengths as well as their individual learning interests. All learning and teaching at Jarjum is based on the following core principles:

  • High expectations
  • Cultural relevance and opportunities for Indigenous voice
  • Engagement
  • Collaboration and partnership

Jarjum has a highly skilled and committed team of teaching staff with extensive experience across a range of educational settings. They work closely with the students’ parents and families to develop comprehensive personalised learning plans to ensure that each student’s specific needs are met. All staff at Jarjum receive training in trauma-informed practice and this approach underpins our work in and out of the classroom.

A key feature of the educational program at Jarjum is the focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices and perspectives. Our teaching programs reflect a culturally competent approach to curriculum delivery, and our students are presented with consistent opportunities to engage with, explore and grow their cultural identity in partnership with families and community.