Teaching & Learning

A unique approach to learning

Jarjum College is a unique school with a unique approach to learning. Our teaching goes beyond reading and writing, to consider how we can support and prepare our children for a positive future.

To cover the diverse range of skills, abilities and additional needs of our students – including hearing and speech issues, behaviour management and trauma – a scope and sequence is created to cover all age levels of our students, from five to 12 years old, spanning three broad progression stages.

Upon enrolment at the school, each child will undergo a range of assessments to determine their specific needs. These assessments cover academic abilities, physical and mental health, and determine what other services are required in addition to their academic needs – for example, speech therapists and educational psychologists.

The academic assessment places each child on the scope and sequence continuum, which is covered by both teachers in our junior and senior class groups. The scope and sequence includes literacy and numeracy, integrated units and personal projects.

Each year begins with extensive engagement with the children through discussions and specific activities that allow the teacher to develop strong relationships and build trust and respect. The teachers can then plan and prepare ability and age-based programs that encompass direct teaching of English and Maths by identifying each child’s place on the continuum.

Discussions with each child draw out interests and skills which influence the integrated units. Personal projects are prepared within overarching topics, for example the ‘Enterprise’ unit covers a stall to sell the child’s cooking and artwork for fundraising. Each child contributes to the personal project from their own interests.